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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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[ cheering ] coming up on a minute to play. shot clock to five. here is curry. yes! >> the warriors keep their playoff hopes alive with a hard- fought victory tonight on their home court in oakland. the reigning nba champs have their backs against the wall but they responded. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the warriors refused to lose at home and now they'll be going
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back to oklahoma city for game six of the western conference finals. sports director mark ibanez is here. both steph curry and draymond green showed up large today. >> yeah. they had their games back. i told you earlier don't ever of -- underestimate the heart of a champion. truth be told, if you saw the game, really the warriors showed a lot more heart than they did mistake free basketball. but the passion was there. the crowd at oracle was all going on. they do live to see another day and that they will take place saturday in okc. hope still alive but here's a little example. sloppy play still exists. turnover, oklahoma city would not go away. kevin durant with some nice ball movement, it's a three. 4:31 left, they are within five. durant had 40 tonight. but that is when we get our mvp moment back. steph curry, wanting the ball, knowing what to do with it. closing at the bucket. plus he's fouled. they go up eight and the clock
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continues to dwindle against oklahoma city. again, give it to the guy, he's back. had a great game, to the hoop again. 1:02 left, warriors up by 10. 31 points for courier -- for curry who was sensational. also six assists, seven rebounds. 120-111. warriors force a game six. speaking of draymond green, also back with a passion. 11 points, 13 rebounds, four blocks. he was all over the court and he addressed the media right after the game. >> we have to go in there and follow the game plan. we have to go in there with and completely exceed their intensity level. that's a tough building to play in. they feed off that crowd. they are always in attack mode so we've got to make sure we go in there and exceed their intensity level and try to take the crowd out the game. we've done it before. we know what it takes to do it. so we just got to make sure
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that we use that experience. obviously it's a different challenge, but same formula. >> all right. plenty of examples of draymond getting that fire back. and fire is nice but you've got to have the statistics and play to back it up. and he did just that. all culminated in a victory for the warriors. they will hit the road, where they were by the way the best team ever as far as racking up road victories. hope is still alive and i heard the chant throughout the evening, see you on monday. >> for game seven. >> pretty cool. although the crowd, a little bit tentative at the outset. waiting for something to happen. the warriors never delivered the definitive statement that said we're all the way back. a lot of people wanted to see a convincing 20 point win for the warriors. didn't happen. okc probably not feeling that bad about them selves as they go back to their home court now. >> so what was the difference between the last two games where they got blown out and tonight? >> i think the home court didn't affect the warriors poorly at all.
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but the return really of draymond green who had arguably the two worst games of his entire career. and then steph curry was moving real well. 31 points, just about his season average. he looked a lot more mobile and confident and it was almost like this steely determination. >> i love seeing him mouth we're not going home. >> that's correct. we'll have plenty more in sports. we just touched on the highlights. >> see you then. now to ktvu's amber lee whose outside oracle arena. amber, imagine the fans were thrilled tonight. >> reporter: they were thrilled but they did tell me that this game was too close for comfort. but the bottom line is the warriors won and they celebrated as they spilled out of oracle arena. >> [ cheering ] [ yelling ] >> we're going to take it in seven games. going back to back. that's right. the dubs back-to-back.
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staff is going to go for 40 next game. they're going to do it. bring it back in seven. >> yellow is not my color put it is my team. and it was dynamic. >> reporter: from the opening tipoff, tension was high. warriors fans were on edge in an unfamiliar position. facing a must win game. >> some anxiety but i think excited to see our champs do their thing. >> reporter: fans still loud and proud, waiting to see the warriors they are used to back at home, not the team that lost two games in oklahoma city. >> they have to play defense. carry the ball. stop having so many turnovers. >> these warriors fans flew in from vancouver just for this game. >> they are a band of brothers. they are going to give a good effort tonight. >> reporter: steve kerr wrote a message to fans on the facebook page. saying the warriors have the best fans in the nba. before the game he spoke about the fans rolls. >> things can change quickly. momentum can change.
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a good game in front of your home crowd can infuse a team and change the course of things. >> i'm faithful about my warriors. we're here. dub nation. i'm okay with that. that's why i came. to show my support. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: the warriors now must win game six on saturday in oklahoma city. that dam is at 6:00 p.m. warriors fans tell me they are confident there will be a game seven right here at oracle arena monday. >> wouldn't that be nice? amber lee outside oracle, thank you. the playoff fever doesn't stop here. in 20 minutes we'll take you to the south bay where sharks fans lined up today to get their hands on anything teal ahead of the first trip to the stanley cup finals next monday, game one in pittsburg against the penguins. now to develop news in the case of a missing teenager from solano county. as authorities all around
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california intensify their search. tonight authorities say the suspect accused of kidnapping the vallejo girl is dead after a shootout in southern california. within the past hour we learned more about the search for that 15-year-old girl, perl pins and. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us from fairfield where you just heard from solano county sheriff's deputies. >> reporter: julie, perl is still missing but they do have a new clue. this past hour they said that they have learned that a camera picked up the driver, fernando castro, in that gold saturn somewhere near the san rafael bridge in an area of sir francis drake boulevard. that photo, the images and the camera were taken about 12.5 hours ago. that's why they said tonight that right now they are focusing their search for pearl there. the saturn castro was seen driving? it was spotted on cameras near the san rafael bridge at it was spotted on cameras near the san rafael bridge at 9:30 am in marin county. we currently have deputies in that area searching, looking
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for other clues. anything that would give us information as to where pearl is at this point. >> reporter: the sheriff tonight said when the amber alert went out, a license plate reader at the bridge triggered the camera and after analyzing images he tells me it does not appear to show perl sitting up in the car but he says there's no way to tell whether she might have been lying down or in the trunk. they are saving -- facing a big challenge with the suspect now dead and their hopes to find perl. the shootout came shortly after a chp officer in santa barbara spotted the gold saturn just two hours after the amber alert was issued thursday. officers chased the driver into a mobile home park in solving. images show a chaotic scene. >> the guy almost ran her over so we showed up here and when we got here, 20 shots fired. >> reporter: 19-year-old fernando castro was behind the wheel and at one point fired at
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deputies returned fire. castro was found dead at the scene. pearl pinson the missing 15- year-old girl was not in the car. the desperate search for pearl started about 7:00 a.m. wednesday when witnesses saw a man with a gun dragging her across the pedestrian overpass. in vallejo along i-780 at taylor avenue. a witness said pearl's face was bleeding and she was yelling for help. there were also reports of shots fired. pearl's family held a vigil thursday night, it's been a painful wait for answers trying to understand how and why this happened. >> i'm overwhelmed. i'm worried sick about her. so much is running through my mind. i don't know what to believe right now. i just want her found. >> reporter: the sheriff says they are devoting all their resources to try and find her. he says the reason they didn't issue the amber alert until today is because their initial information was that castro was on foot but a relative noticed that the car was missing and that is what triggered the string of events. again, that gold saturn was
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seen in marin county 9:30 am near the san rafael bridge in the area of sir francis drake boulevard. they are hoping somebody might have seen the car, maybe they stopped somewhere on their way between marin county and where the suspect was found in santa barbara county. so a lot of work going on through the night. they expect to reconvene tomorrow and try and have more information then. >> at this point we know that the two were acquaintances but we don't know the exact nature of the relationship, if they were dating or just how they knew each other, right? >> reporter: julie, the sheriff did say that they were acquaintances. he said that it wasn't clear they knew each other very well. but again she didn't show up at school on wednesday and now the suspect castro is dead in southern california. and the search for pearl is still going on. they say they hope anyone who thinks they might have a good
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slightest clue, call them or the local authorities so they can get as many chips as possible and continue this search until she's found. >> we hope they find her soon. jana, thank you. new at 10, two women from the east bay are under arrest accused of stealing a large amount of baby formula and authorities say they could be part of an even bigger problem. police say 21-year-old than a jones of antioch on the left and 20-year-old a cascio palmore of rodeo stole the formula yesterday from pacifica. they found evidence in their car that the women are part of a large scale theft ring. the two women are now facing burglary and conspiracy charges in san mateo county. campaign stolen in the south bay but is it a political move for a high school prank? where some of those signs ended up. we're tracking that warmup, noticed it today but it is going to heat up over the next couple of days. i want to unify the united states of america! >> [ cheering ] hillary clinton brings her campaign back to the
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bay area.
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new developments now in a shooting that killed one marin county high school student and wounded another. authorities today raided homes and made two arrests. interviews paul chamber joins us live from novato high school
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with what he's learned. paul? >> reporter: we still do not know the identity of either of the victims. but today authorities went to several homes looking for the people they believe are responsible. with their weapons pointed and drawn, the marin county law enforcement tactical unit made its way into leaf would arms apartment in novato. where they learned a homicide suspect was inside. >> search warrant. 1309 number 5., the front door with your hands up. >> reporter: the suspect surrendered without incident. he walked down the stairs with his hands raised. >> as far as what information we had that led us here today, not something we can disclose at this point. >> reporter: this was the second homicide suspect is detained thursday. investigators say he was wanted in connection with a double shooting of a novato high school student on wednesday. one of the victims was shot to death. the other was not only shocked
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but stabbed. he's expected to survive. >> thankfully his condition has improved quite a bit. he is able and in position to talk to our detectives. opening up this case quite a bit. >> reporter: deputies conducted their first raid around 2:15 pm. it happened at this home. at the intersection of novato and rowland boulevard, this is where investigators say they took a juvenile suspect into custody after they learned at least one of the three stayed at his home, after the shooting. the house is located less than a half-mile from where the second arrest was made, authorities say although they have two in custody they are still looking for a third suspect. >> we're trying to pursue any further leads that might help us identify i can the identity and location of that in the ritual. >> reporter: investigators also searched the apartment from where the second suspect was taken. unclear what they found there, or if they found anything exactly what they were looking for. again they are still looking for a third suspect who is at large. live in novato, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. hillary clinton on a
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campaign swing in the bay area today, spoke to the restored hibernia bank building on market street. in an interview earlier today, she continued to defend her email practices as secretary of state. clinton said she believes state department rules allowed it as the email scandal against her continues to unfold. ktvu's jesse gary now tells us that clinton focused her attention on donald trump when she was in san jose earlier today. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: running behind schedule and brought on stage by gavin newson, hillary clinton wasted no time blasting away at her presumed opponent for the presidency. saying donald trump is looking out for himself, not the american people. >> what he is saying is dangerous and divisive. what he is saying is harmful. to our future and our country. >> reporter: clinton used her speech to tout her own a accomplishments and platform if
10:17 pm
elected to the highest office. climate change, clean energy, education funding and rebuilding infrastructure are among her top goals. >> i want to unify the democratic party and i want to unify the united states of america! >> i'm here to protest the destructive policies of hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: before she can transit trump she will have to tame some in her own party. about a dozen bernie sanders supporters picketed across the avenue. clinton's coronation is premature. >> right now our only issue in the democratic party is that we need to put a democrat in the white house. right now, that democrat has to be bernie sanders because hillary clinton does not have a chance against donald trump. >> so we are going to be coming together as a unified democratic party. >> reporter: secretary clinton called for party unity against a common foe and says she welcomes forthcoming debates with trump on the issues. her mission was well received by the many attendees. >> everything she had was
10:18 pm
strategic, experience, i mean, based on her history working with both the republicans she talked about that from before. and then also obviously she's a democrat. so everything she said i believe 100%. >> reporter: the part about working with republicans a reference to when secretary clinton was speaking about george w. bush almost in glowing terms. it was after 9/11 and she says president bush did outreach to the muslim american community to let them know america is not at war with all muslims. she spoke very highly of the president at that point. clinton praising bush, a very different election year indeed. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. donald trump has had the magic number of delegates and reportedly has enough now to clinch the gop nomination. some unpledged delegates in north dakota three their support to trump putting him over the top. today trump boasted he locked
10:19 pm
down his party's nomination before hillary clinton locked down hers. trump now has 1238 delegates which is one more than necessary to avoid a contested convention. several primaries including california and new jersey are still ahead of him. we're tracking that warmup around here, notice it today, after a couple weekends of cool, moist, showery weather, snow in the mountains, heading into holiday weekend that looks pretty good with temperatures really increasing. started today, continues tomorrow. today's high in santa rosa was 77. tomorrow, 86 degrees. in santa rosa. 64 in san francisco today, 72 tomorrow. look at livermore all the way up to 87 tomorrow for a forecast high. so warmer tomorrow, a little patchy fog along the coast right now but tomorrow morning you wake up, mostly sunny throughout the entire morning hour. so you're going to see temperatures easily into the 60s by lunchtime especially in san francisco. in the meantime we're looking at forecast highs going to make
10:20 pm
it into the 80s and upper 80s in the in the debate valley. especially north towards santa rosa and not rohnert park. -- and to rohnert park. warmer than it was today and more warming coming on the holiday weekend. coming up a powerful picture scene around the world. still sending a message 50 years later. at 10:30, hear from one of the men who made this silent protest. sharks fans lined up in the south bay to get their hands on new merchandise. many willing to shell out a lot of money to mark the team's first appearance ever in the stanley cup finals. before earning enough cash back
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from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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new at 10 surveillance video of a pickup truck that police say is connected to several stolen vehicle cases. pleasanton police posted the
10:23 pm
video on their facebook and twitter pages. it's a dark-colored ford f2 50 with aftermarket wheels. the third brake lamp at the top of the rear window is out. there's a light colored sticker in the rear window as well and the truck has a very low hanging trailer hitch. if you see it, police would like to hear from you. san jose sharks fans were in a spending mood after a 25 year wait. the team is making its first trip to the nhl stanley cup finals. ktvu's ann rubin talked to some diehard fans who are spending big bucks to scoop up merchandise and those game tickets. >> reporter: before the doors opened, there was a line at the sharks team store. once inside fans scooped up championship earned -- merchandise as fast as staff could stock it. >> it's our year. >> reporter: the stanley cup now and reach clarence campbell bowl on display, the trophy they earned with their western conference win. >> a lot of guys are supporting
10:24 pm
the team. >> reporter: some new fans have joined the fold. longtime ones are dealing with divided loyalties. >> tonight is the warriors do or die. sharks, bless their heart. we're here. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: hiding in plain sight, joe pavelski who did stop to take photos with fans. >> he came walking back and we were like, can you take a selfie? >> reporter: a bright spot hoping for tickets to the finals. she was hoping for a shot to buy some. >> i told my husband if they make it, we're going. >> reporter: season-ticket holders and corporate sponsors got first crack at them. that meant lots of new season- ticket holders signed up today. >> i walked by our switchboard earlier and it was lighting a pretty good. >> reporter: by the time they opened up, only a handful of tickets were left. cost between 250 and $690 a pop. >> i got up there, they said they didn't have any more left. >> reporter: home games one and two sold out immediately. fans were told to go online for
10:25 pm
games three and four. >> elizabeth henry first in line was one of the lucky ones. >> [ cheering ] yes! i only got two. sorry, son. i'm very sorry. happy anniversary. >> reporter: ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. now here's the schedule for the stanley cup finals. sharks will be facing the pittsburg penguins, game one is monday in pittsburg , game two on wednesday also away. then game three is at home in san jose. and game four is also at home on monday and game four is also at home on monday, june 6. >> i can't wait. still to come here a picture worth 1000 words. tonight 50 years later, it's still affecting lives. up next we're going to hear from one of the men who made this black power salute during the 1968 olympics in mexico. everybody in the world saw that. we wanted to make sure that respect was paid.
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a black power salute at the olympic games still changing lives a half-century later. john carlos and tommie smith were track stars at san jose state when they made that silent protest on the world's biggest stage. ktvu's dave clark recently talked with don -- tommy smyth in berkeley about how people are still learning about what he did in mexico city in 1968 and what it meant. >> when you rent, do your best. you hear me? okay? be a good sport. >> and they're off. >> please come onto the track at this time. >> reporter: at 71, olympic legend tommy smyth is in his element surrounded by young, future athletes. inspiring them to work hard, be healthy and be good people.
10:29 pm
>> through daily reflection and by serving my community. >> reporter: it was at his tommy smyth youth track meet in berkeley that i met tommy smyth for the first time. he will be forever known for his shocking the world almost 50 years ago, when he and fellow san jose state track star john carlos won a gold medal at the 1968 olympics for winning the 200 meter race. as they were standing on the winner's podium, to get there medals, they wore black gloves and thrust their fists into the air in a black power salute. they also wore no shoes. that was another protest. take me back to the moment when you and john stepped onto the podium. what was going through your mind? >> lord, have mercy. why me? >> reporter: as the shocking protest was seen in -- and
10:30 pm
broadcast all over the world the anger against smith and carlos build quickly. and was immediate. there were death threats, people who wanted to kill tommy smyth and john carlos. as i talked in berkeley with tommy smyth about that scary and dangerous time, he told me that threats to kill him continued for many years. even for decades after the 1968 olympics. the head of the international olympic committee was so mad at smith and carlos he ordered the u.s. olympic committee to keep -- to kick them out of the olympic village and remove them from the games. he said their protest was a domestic political statement unfit for the apolitical international forum the allergic -- the olympic games were supposed to be. in fact, grundig had even sent legendary olympic track star jesse owens who had defeated hitler's nazi team in the 1936 olympics to go meet with tommy
10:31 pm
smyth to try to talk him out of the protest. offering to help him find another way to protest. but tommy smyth refused oh wins' offer and would not listen to them. their meeting was so bitter, smith and owens never talked to each other again. >> this was the first time in -- so it couldn't be stopped. anything that happened, everybody in the world saw this. we wanted to make sure that respect was paid, that the liberty to ignite the fire to do what you believe that you could do, back in 1968, that was big. it is still important to know why it was done. i call it fight for freedom. >> reporter: azenith smith and carlos were getting their medals, a third olympic athlete, a white australian,
10:32 pm
peter norman, who won desilver, showed his support for smith and carlos by wearing a badge, a badge of the olympic project for human rights. for all the world to see. while the u.s. olympic committee refused the order by avery brundage and the international committee to suspend smith and carlos, and that angered brundage even more. he threatened to ban the entire u.s. olympic track team. tommie smith and john carlos were expelled from the 1968 olympic games and they were forced to give back their olympic medals. the kids today may not know or even understand how tommy smyth bold protest almost 50 years ago had such an impact on the world, on sports and on life in america. but smith is still pushing kids to be examples in their own way. to change the world. >> are you going to beat my record today?
10:33 pm
there you go. >> reporter: even if he never accomplished another thing in life, that 1968 protest will never be forgotten. and the name tommy smyth will always be written in american history. >> it did cause a lot of negativity verbally. and i don't care. period. because here i am doing what i believe i should be doing. john carlos does basically the same thing. he's from harlem, new york. very verbose. i'm from the backwoods of texas. i say very little. but when we get together, watch out. >> [ laughter ] >> it's like us running all over again. >> reporter: whether you agree with them or disagree with what they did, i will always admire someone who goes with their heart and i respect someone who sticks with their principles and does what they think is right. unfortunately they paid a real price for doing that but it's nice to see how he's doing well
10:34 pm
now and saying this is what i should be doing. this is where you should be helping these kids. >> standing tall for what they believed in. and on the world's biggest stage. both tommie smith and john carlos played professional football for a time and john carlos currently lives in palm springs where he's been teaching high school track and field. still to come here, a renewed effort to help solve the case of a man killed in the east bay. up next, the pictures released that could help lead to an arrest. warming up out there, the holiday weekend is in sight now.
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police in oakland released pictures of three people and a car that may be linked to a killing. 30-year-old brian bowles was shot in the head while walking home from the kingfisher bar in north oakland. the to muscular area last month. -- surveillance people -- three people may have seen or talked to him in the area of richmond boulevard and frisbee street where the shooting happened. investigators also released a picture of a car that was seen in the area described as a 2003- 7 silver honda accord with four doors. petaluma are searching for a 77 will of man missing for more than 24 hours. gelled more was last seen at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, he is described as 5'10" and weighs about 140 pounds. he was last seen wearing a fishing hat, flannel shirt and jeans. memorial day weekend is considered to be the unofficial
10:38 pm
start of summer, a three-day weekend for a lot of folks. more opportunity to get out and enjoy what the barrier -- bay area has to offer. rosemary orozco shows us some of the happenings. >> reporter: a lot going on around the bay area on this memorial weekend. in san francisco, the 30th annual carnival festival will fill the streets, experience global cuisine, music, dance for the whole family, the event takes place on harrison street between 16th and 24th. from 10:00 to 6:00. the parade is on sunday at 9:30. in oakland party down at the east lake music festival this saturday event will feature local music, dancing, food and microbrews. the day festival be at lake merritt amphitheater, evening events downtown. northbay, experience bottle rock 2016, headliners include stevie wonder, red hot chili peppers, plus florence and the machine. friday, saturday and sunday at the napa expo. south bay, bite into a taco
10:39 pm
festival, food trucks and other vendors will be at history park on saturday from noon to seven, the cost is $10 for adults, three dollars for children 11 and under. or head to the future roots festival on saturday at plaza day sager chavez. the heritage celebration will include live music, performances and music. the festival is saturday from noon to six. giants are on the road, a's and? at home, warriors and sharks continue their playoff run. that is your weekend watch. coming up, dozens of campaign signs stolen in the south bay. >> i was disheartened. i worked so hard. >> we'll tell you where the signs turned up and while officials don't think it was a political move. plus bill martin will have the complete bay area forecast.
10:40 pm
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new at 10 more than 100 campaign signs stolen in the south bay. now officials say dozens of students are to blame. they are calling it a senior prank that went too far. the candidates now say it could hurt their political chances. ktvu's azenith smith is at the high school and azenith, you spoke to some of the candidates involved here? >> reporter: yeah. they are not happy about this. at least one of the candidates filed a police report. the stolen signs are being stored in a locked cage behind the school. candidates, not happy about these thefts. less than two weeks left until the june primary, san jose city council candidate steve brown says he's wasting time figure out who's been stealing his campaign signs. here at santa teresa high school he found 48 signs it
10:43 pm
>> i want to make sure these kids understand you could really affect the outcome of an election. by taking away this volume of signs. >> reporter: is not alone. joe lopez is also running for city council. he also has his signs stolen. >> every sign costs money. it's not just the money. is the time and effort to go into the neighborhood and talk to people and get and convince people to let us put our signs out here. >> reporter: the theft happened over the weekend, home surveillance video captured a young man stealing a lawn sign, later determined it was part of a senior prank. >> i've been here for 12 years. most of the pranks have been pretty innocuous. this year unfortunately i can across some lines. >> reporter: great luis has on tuesday morning school staff -- students also ripped out trees, glued doors and tagged buildings. the cost of the damage cleanup an investigation, $2600. >> it was a dumb idea. i think ultimately of the ones who talked to me, they didn't think anything more than the fact they thought it would be something different. >> i was disheartened. i worked so hard. >> reporter: the council member johnny camas up for reelection says while he's happy to get his
10:44 pm
signs back he worries the damage may already be done. >> they took away not only my freedom of speech but they took away the freedom of speech of the people who put up a sign that wanted to support me. i think that's very important to note, that you're not just hurting my campaign financially. you're taking away our freedom of speech. >> reporter: the principles as these students will have to reimburse the school district, the candidates are also recommending they do community service as well. live in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. getting ready for the holiday weekend. tomorrow is friday. game on for your saturday and sunday. i hope you have monday off. highs today were warmer, highs tomorrow will be warmer than these by another four or five degrees. especially in the end. we'll see probably upper 80s. little patchy fog along the coast. not a lot of it. clear skies out there, warriors victory tonight, folks coming out of san francisco hopefully safely. pretty good stream of cars
10:45 pm
coming towards berkeley now off the bay bridge. winds are blowing northerly and that's keeping the fog pushed down the coast a little bit towards monterey bay. see little finger working its way up to the south monterey. just a little patchy fog in the morning. overnight lows 50s, and upper 40s. not that cold. maybe a few clouds, san francisco tomorrow morning, patchy fog and the sky looks like that. nice-looking sky, starts on sunday, that sets us up with an afternoon in san francisco that will be near 70 degrees at lunchtime. it will make it into the low and mid 70s by afternoon. especially out by the ballpark. if you are in san jose or in berkeley, find temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. as we head into friday afternoon. warmer friday, warmer saturday and warmer sunday too. so good-looking week ahead or weekend if you will. the weekend will be nice. i think saturday and sunday, monday the warmest days with upper 80s and low 90s.
10:46 pm
just some numbers here, saturday rain at the coast, 70 to 87 degrees. then the coast will be 67. sunday 88 and inland valley, then here are some breakouts for monday. 90 in livermore, 84 in san jose. so just a good-looking day. happy to say we've got a couple weekends of rain and snow in the mountains last couple weekends. higher elevations thunderstorms the whole bit. now we're heading into a really nice, fun weekend pattern that will work well for your barbecues and baseball games and all the out of activities you might have. so be safe out there. going out to the beach, as well as small but rip currents are there even though the waves are small. there's a lot of sand out there, building back in and that sandbar is cutting out so the rip currents are pretty much there. warming up for the beaches. you may consider going swimming or going out there but be safe. five-day forecast, looks perfect for the barbecues. both on saturday, sunday and monday. >> that is a good-looking forecast. >> it is a good one. >> a long, nice weekend.
10:47 pm
the wreck. mark is here now, they will play on monday. we hope. they have a game saturday. >> [ laughter ] i like what you did. i like your positive energy. that was definitely the chant, see you on monday. we're used to these blowout wins and it was not the definitive blow the doors off victory, warriors fans were craving as of to announce hey, you ain't all that, okc. but one game at a time. that's all that matters. defending champs may have gained a lot of confidence knowing steph was back to mvp status and draymond, effective in the junkyard dog, they need him to be. that young man was a very festive mood out there. very active defense. that's what you want to see. watch draymond here, swaths russell westbrook. let's go the other way with it. steph for two, not quite a three right there but they get the role. kevin durant is a scoring
10:48 pm
machine. 40 points tonight. golden state not able to pull away. double digits a couple times but the warriors get great contributions off the bench. how about most bates? -- marreese speights? up on the boards, bringing emotion and as steve kerr says, instant offense. see him get pumped. also back on his game not to forget andrew bogut showing at large, 15 points, 14 rebounds and looking very active undoubtedly his best game of the series. steph the beneficiary here of vintage draymond racing into the forecourt, kick it back out, there's the three-point shot we're used to seeing. in fact at one point late in the second, seven straight points for the warriors. steph again late in the half, this time to the bucket, he will be able to finish. fast-forward this thing after the warriors led by eight at halftime to the fourth quarter, that's what's all happening, a
10:49 pm
lot of smart plays on both ends, they were up by as many as 14 but they could not seal the deal and barry okc. sloppy turnovers, they had 16, not terrible but key moment here, durant with a three. all of a sudden the thunder within five with 4:31 left. very much in it. we've seen it so many times in the regular season, he was back, the golden child, curry taking command, fouled, it counts. sensational, update, curry 31 points, six assists and yeah, seven rebounds too. then curry, this is the one that broke the back of the thunder. down the lane to scoop it in. 120-111. oracle rocked, steph is pumped. still trailing okc 3-2. draymond 11 points, 13 rebounds, four blocks. and the junkyard dog was back. jason applebaum and i were out
10:50 pm
there. you could sense in the crowd, they wanted that big-time blowout. it didn't happen but i'm curious you were in the locker room. how did the team feel about their performance? do you think it gave them a boost of confidence to get a victory? not critiquing at this point i'm sure. >> reporter: no. you get the sense the warriors know their playing a really, really good team. and they are relishing the challenge of coming back from this 3-1 hole they've dug themselves. they like challenges all year. they like breaking records. if they can come back from this deficit they would be the first team ever in the western conference finals to come back from a 3-1 deficit. draymond green, he was one of the keys in this game. he had to play better and he did. elon points, 13 rebounds. just two turnovers. he was in scowling and flexing self the entire game. how about steph? he did have five turnovers but he played smarter. the whole team played smarter.
10:51 pm
when they were pushing on the break, you and i both saw this, they pulled it back when it wasn't there, they didn't make the sloppy pass they've been making in the previous two games. steph at the end of the game pulled it back and then pushed it in and scored the dagger basket late with about a minute to go. so this was warrior basketball at least more to what we're accustomed to. and just the way steph and company like it. >> for us we play better when we're having fun and enjoying the moment. and we played like we were really stressed in okc and it showed. try to let loose, be ourselves, have fun and enjoy what we were doing. it was a good feeling out there, obviously. perform at a high level. >> it's about effort. and having each other's back. being vocal and we've still got a ways to go. have not found ourselves yet. we've got to keep working. give them credit. they are really good team and
10:52 pm
they are getting us out of our rhythm. >> it's going to be tough. emotional arena like ours is, very very loud. they thrive on turnovers. the key for us is we can't turn the ball over. if they get out in transition, russell is a wrecking ball downhill. >> reporter: westbrook shot just 12-31, seven turnovers. that's the russell westbrook the warriors need him to be for them to win this series. they need him to be a little erratic and be a volume shooter. if you are oklahoma city you've got to figure they walk away from this feeling pretty good. they hung with the warriors, took their best shot, they lost but still heading home with a chance to clinch down 3-2. mark, back to you. >> saturday night in okc, and meanwhile, giants and a's and sharks all off. back in action very soon. the sharks of course snuck a peek at some hockey tonight. waiting to see who they would face.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
i would imagine basking in the glow after their victory last night over the blues, catapults them to the cup, the sharks probably took a sneak peek or two at the conference final back east. get a glimpse of who they will play monday night. tampa against pittsburg, down 1- 0 in the second, jonathan growing goes upper shelf, we've
10:56 pm
got a 1-1 game. high tension, game seven but a big game for bryan rust as 30 seconds later, after the tying goal, he scores his second of the night, holds up, 2-1. penguins first cup appearance since 2009. by the way, the sharks are heavy favorites already. to win the stanley cup. it is throwback thursday after all, 23 years ago tonight, quite possibly the funniest play in the history of baseball. this happened to jose canseco chasing a fly ball, hit him right on the noggin and pounced off his head and over the fence . they are laughing. >> i don't want to laugh but i am. >> here it is again. >> [ laughter ] >> there it goes. >> remember that? it's funny -- not for him -- turned out to be the game- winning hit. >> oh, my gosh. really? it's been 60 years in the making.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
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okay. now, easy on the filters, cam. it's a family picture. we don't need sepia tone. you know what other tone we don't need? play nice. okay. we are taking a new photo for above our mantel. lily's not in the one up there now, and we...started to get the slight impression that... it was bothering her. lily, we're ready for dinner, sw-- oh. big smiles! [ camera shutter clicks ] great. let's take a look. mitchell: great. okay. not bad. not bad. um...let's shake out our faces. really? who took the online course? shake 'em out. all: br-br-br-br-br-br! yep. that's perfect. 1...2... chee-e-e-se! chee-e-e-se! [ camera shutter clicks ] okay. great! um, mitchell, can i see you over here, please? hang tight, sweetie. look. why is she doing that with her face?


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